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Lash Lift

Lash Lifts are a Semi-Permanent treatment that lifts and curls the natural eyelashes. The Lash Lift, also known as a Lash Perm, is perfect for individuals who want instant results with no maintenance. The eyelash is lifted up onto a curl shield, from root to tip, bringing out the full length of the natural lash. The process is done in as little as 60 minutes.

If you're going on vacation or prefer a low-maintenance makeup routine, you can opt for a lash lift and tint to deepen the color of your eyelashes in addition to the more dramatic curve.

Results vary but typically last 6-8 weeks

This treatment is performed by our Certified Licensed Esthetician


Lash Lift + Tint $130
Keratin Lash Treatment +$30


*No water or mascara can be applied to the lashes for 24 hours after the treatment
*No steam, sauna, excessive sweating or exercise for 24 hours after the treatment
*Be aware of how you sleep. This could cause the lashes to lose the shape
*Use oil free makeup remover after the treatment